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Selling wine is about more than what's in the bottle.

It's about storytelling. For the story to be effective, it needs to be strong, consistent, and constant, told many times over a multitude of platforms. A good story acknowledges the company's history, demonstrates value, and communicates points of difference.

At Lithica, effective storytelling is embedded in everything that we do. It influences purchase decisions and shapes the future of your business.

Let us collaborate on your next big story.
Our four pillars of Storytelling
Curiosity sparks discovery
Connect with new customers through campaigns that carry a powerful message. Be so good they can’t ignore you. From publicity campaigns to consumer advertising to strategic media buys, let's build a brand that is known and loved by the right audience.
Engagement drives conversion
Increase engagement and marketing ROI through quantifiable actions. Whether it means growing your online sales or wine club membership, the right engagement strategy can boost conversions one meaningful interaction at a time.
Trust builds loyalty
Loyal customers are the most important customers. Add depth to that relationship through campaigns and programs that reward good will. Show up frequently to those who love your brand. Stay relevant and connect authentically with your most supportive audience.
Innovation accelerates growth
Write the next chapter of your brand story with us. Ride your growth momentum by finding creative avenues to connect with new and existing audiences in a meaningful way.
Grow your DTC Channel
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Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Marketing.
Growth in DTC wine sales means greater share of profits and revenue. To support your DTC goals, we aim to maximize marketing dollars through an effective mix of communication channels that connect your brand with your target audience.
Storytelling that builds authentic engagement
Wine Club
By improving your wine club model, implementing best practices, and adopting the best e-commerce solutions, we can help you grow your wine club and maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

• Wine Club Strategy
• Wine Club Design
• Commerce7 and Wine Direct
• Loyalty Program
• Communication Strategy
• Partnership Development
Email Marketing
To stay top of mind and drive online sales, email marketing is one of the most important conversion tools. A well-executed email strategy can help you reinforce your brand story and maximize DTC revenue.

• Email Strategy
• Campaign Planning
• Custom Templates
• Graphic Design
• Copywriting
• Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor Implementation
• Report and Insights
With the rise of direct-to-consumer sales, the wine world has come to prioritize online commerce, recognize its ability to lower operational costs, and its ability to reach a wider audience.

• Online Commerce Audit
• Data Analysis
• Insights Reporting
• E-Commerce Implementation
• Workflow Automation
• Training and Education
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Make your winery more visible to potential consumers, increase web traffic, and provide more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

• Search Engine Audit
• Keyword Recommendation
• Web Content Optimization
• Google for Business Performance
Digital Advertising
With consumers allocating more hours of their days online, digital marketing is an effective way to communicate to wine lovers and drive desire for your products. Campaign performance are easy to measure, which translates to opportunity to optimize future ad spend.

• Google Advertising
• Social Media Advertising
• Display Advertising
• Strategic Media Buy
• Graphic Design
• Copywriting
Brand Storytelling
The most powerful stories are authentic and communicate your brand essence to a diverse audience. We create emotional, value-driven connections between your winery and your consumers.

• Audience Research
• Competitive Analysis
• Story Development
• Communication Implementation
Identify a new stream of revenue
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Product and Brand.
We start by identifying a viable target consumer and analyzing the competitive set. Then, we make sure everything is done with the consumer in mind –– from the wine style to the packaging to the label –– to develop a unique selling point.
Storytelling that builds authentic engagement
Product Development
Bringing new wines to the world can be exciting and incredibly rewarding –– we've done it many times. The key to success is to find a product-market fit with a strategic route-to-market that drives demand and translates to sales. After all, you can only be new once.

• Market strategy
• Product mix, tiering and pricing
• Planning and implementation
• Brand extension
Brand Consulting
A comprehensive brand platform can amplify your story. It is key to building a new wine brand from the ground up, or taking an existing company to the next level.

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Development
• Brand Extension
• Visual Identity
• Design Systems
Web Development
If the guest experience is integral to a winery's reputation and tasting room sales, shouldn't a winery's website prioritize a great user experience, too?

Great digital hospitality means treating each website visitor like a guest setting foot onto the estate for the first time. A well-developed website increases traffic, engagement, and conversion by implementing best practices that prioritize ease of use, speed, and accessibility – along with beautiful design and compelling copywriting.

• Information Architecture
• Content Development
• UX/UI Design
• Digital Merchandising
• Copyediting
When it comes to wine marketing, copywriting is often generic and stale or uninviting and overly technical.

We break down the complexity of wine so that it's simple and understandable, using snappy, catchy writing that resonates with your consumer and reflects your brand vision. Best of all, you don't need to teach us about wine. No more embarrassments or inaccuracies.
Good design is as simple as making a wine visually attractive, so it is likeable and stand out from the competition. Whether it is the labels, technical sheets, brochures, signages, micro-sites, or newsletters, beautiful visuals make impactive first impressions on wine consumers.

• Wine Label
• Technical Specification Template
• Media Kit
• Brand Experience
• Newsletter
• Brochure
• Custom Wine Map
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
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With experience working on winery start-up projects, national publicity campaigns, and international product launches, we know how to build meaningful connection between brands and consumers. Whether you are looking for us to take you to opening or to take your brand to the next level, we can help realize your vision.
Storytelling that builds authentic engagement
Public Relations
The aim of a successful public relations program is to help wineries establish a point of difference and create a strong brand reputation in a highly fragmented industry.

Through Lithica's relationships with a network of Canadian wine journalists, educators, content creators, and industry leaders, our partners have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to align communications objectives with sales objectives, gain share of voice, and influence purchase decisions.

• Communications Strategy
• PR Campaign Planning
• Media Outreach
• Press Release Services
• Brand Activation
• Coverage Report
Strategic Partnership
Wineries can reach new audiences through opening the door to brand partnerships. We can help you identify a strategic partner and execute a collaboration that will benefit both organizations, leading to a boost in brand health, higher revenue, and new business opportunities.

• Partners Research
• Co-Branding Strategy
• Relationship Management
• Press Release
• Market Activations
Social Media
Today's multitude of social media platforms present opportunities for wineries to create hyper-targeted audience profiles and interact with a diverse group of wine drinkers. It is an essential channel to include in an integrated marketing campaign.

• Contact Strategy and Planning
• Content Creator Campaigns
• Social Listening
• Insights and Optimization
Wine Writing
Led by Master of Wine Geoffrey Moss, Lithica works with experienced wine writers who have a solid understanding of the world of wine, and can create compelling wine content that will inform, engage, and influence media, trade, and consumers.

• Blog Articles
• Tasting Notes
• Web Content
• Speeches
• Ghost Writing

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