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Søren Wine

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The brief

Søren needed a name, logo, and beautiful label that reflected their innovative brand vision. Søren turns the negociant model on its head by sourcing wines from around the world and celebrating the winemakers that make them. This approach required a powerful and engaging new brand that reflected their unique point of difference to garner positive impressions and launch with success.

The Solution

Naming of the brand

The brand needed a name that reflected their collaborations with winemakers from around the globe. With a subtle reference to "flying winemakers," our strategic naming session landed on Søren, which means 'to soar'. The association with existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard also provided an opportunity to draw on existentialism for some of the brand voice and tone.

Positioning of Søren

Traditionally, negociants source wine in bulk from one or many producers, and then bottle them under their own label. Many negociant wines do not reveal the origin of the grapes, nor do they credit the original winemakers.

To create a unique point of differentiation, brand discovery research revealed an opportunity create to a negociant brand that prioritizes transparency and quality, by inviting consumers to learn about the source of the grapes and the winemakers behind the wines. The new brand, crystallized in a clear purpose statement, "helping consumers understand all the important elements that are connected to Søren wines," carves out a defensible position among a field of consumer wine brands and independent labels.

Brand identity design

To bring the brand to life, we collaborated with our graphic design partner, Wells Collins, to create a unique visual identity. We steered the creative process with a design brief and brand strategy document that equipped Wells to communicate Søren's vision visually. The final logo sees an element that resembles a globe, alluding to wines sourced from around the world, with a hidden ’S’ and slashed 'O' that clearly ties back to the brand name. The logo was then extended to the label and packaging, with a focus on luxury cues to reinforce the brand's premium positioning . The icon is front and centre, debossed with gold foil, to allow immediate brand recognition, cognizant that the wine will be found in different aisles in retail stores depending on the source of the wine. The template allows the artwork to be easily updated to reflect the story of each individual wine, without additional tooling expenses.

The new brand launched in Spring 2023 by targeting key restaurant and retails in British Columbia in combination with a direct-to-consumer campaign.

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