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Fine Vintage

E-commerce, Digital Strategy, Marketing Automation
Fine Vintage
The brief

Lithica modernized the admin, CRM, and e-commerce platforms for Fine Vintage, boosting productivity, reducing operational overhead, and increasing enrolment.

Fine Vintage, a leading North American wine education provider, has built an extensive database of students since its founding in 1995. To communicate with an audience that stretches across 20+ locations in the USA and Canada, Fine Vintage required a powerful and streamlined administrative and CRM platform to replace a system that had reached its lifespan. They needed a scaleable solution that would allow for efficient operations and to support the continued growth of the wine school.

The Solution

To streamline operations, communications, and audience segmentation, Lithica transitioned Fine Vintage's administrative system to a modern CRM system that is supported by a PCI-compliant e-commerce platform, BigCommerce. The new system allows student and admin emails to be fully automated with just a few clicks of a button. To complement the new platform, we developed a collection of templates for Fine Vintage's email newsletters and digital advertisements, with a focus on modern, responsive designs and targeted, segmented emails to drive sales.

Having completed a successful transition to the new platform, the Fine Vintage marketing team is empowered to manage and execute highly localized and personalized campaigns. With less time spent on administrative work, it frees up resources to create new campaigns and courses that will allow Fine Vintage to expand its reach and anchor its leading position as the singular destination for wine education.

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James Cluer, MW
E-commerce, Digital Strategy, Marketing Automation
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